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Gijón City Council
Local Agency Of Economic Promotion And Employment

In 1996 the Local Agency of Economic Promotion and Employment was founded as a tool to materialize the different alliances and agreements among the main socio-economic stakeholders in relation with the problems caused by the industrial restructuring in the eighties. Its main objectives are to promote the economic activity in the city, to foster the employment creation and to improve the training of the workers and unemployed people. The Local Agency of Economic Promotion and Employment is a reference in local development and it gathers the local policies related to employment, training, commerce and tourism, economic promotion and innovation.

Its activity is driven by a Social Agreement signed by the main stakeholders: the Agreement Gijón Grows 2016-2019 that has as framework the European Strategy Europe 2020 and the current economic situation of the city. It is organized around 6 axis:

  1. Strategic sectors
  2. Tractor sectors
  3. Specialized sectors
  4. Transversal areas
  5. Fostering talent and people's employability
  6. Social Corporate Responsibility

The Local Agency of Economic Promotion and Employment since 1996 was involved as coordinator and as a partner in more than 30 European projects related to employment, youth, training, entrepreneurship, etc…

In the MLSE Project, it is going to participate with he Second Chance School of Gijón that belongs to the Local Agency of Economic Promotion and Employment and defines itself as a transitional resource to help young people between 14 and 24, who have difficulties and want to be helped giving a special attention to training and employment as an important resource for socialization.


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CTIC Foundation (CTIC) is a non-profit private Research and Technology Organization (RTO), located in the north of Spain, specialised in the research and development of cutting-edge technologies.

CTIC is committed to the development of the region and its social and economic progress; to the provision of high value-added technological services to society, businesses and public entities; to the improvement of business competitiveness through research, development and technological innovation; and to the building of an inclusive knowledge society for both citizens and businesses.

CTIC has currently a staff of 60 persons including engineers and doctors. Our Center has taken part in more than 50 R&D Spanish projects in collaboration with a wide set of business entities, most of them SMEs. At international level we can highlight our participation in several projects financed by different European Programmes, such as the previous Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development (FP6, FP7), the Active and Assisted Living Programme (AAL), the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) and Interreg Programme.

CTIC’s activity is focused in 5 specialization fields:
• Digital Growth: SME digital transformation, Education Innovation, Territorial development strategies
• Intelligent Data Analysis: Data4value, Interoperability and Open Data, Smart energy
• Vision Technologies: Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality
• ICT for Active Ageing and Wellbeing: Cognitive stimulation systems (Serious Games), Users monitoring, Multimodal platforms, User involvement
• Web of Things: Monitoring variables, Self-discovery of sensors and functionalities


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