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Ronneby is a small friendly town in a county named Blekinge, in the southeast of Sweden, by the coast. Due to its beautiful green landscape and lots of flowers, it is called “The garden of Sweden”. The town has around 12 000 inhabitants and is situated 7 km from the Baltic Sea.

Ronneby is the oldest town in Blekinge and was Danish until 1658. The old part of Ronneby, “Bergslagen” is worth a visit. Through the city runs “Ronnebyån” a river that leads to the sea. ln the centre of the town is a square, surrounded by shops, cafes and restaurants.

”Ronneby Brunnspark” is a big park on the outskirts of Ronneby with large green areas, many possibilities to take walks and beautiful flowerbeds. lt was famous for its spring of mineral water in the 19th century and people came from the whole of Sweden to its spa to be cured by the healthy water. You can still taste the water from a pump at an old spring. In the park there are many beautiful old houses left from this period. Ronneby also has a big hotel, situated by the park, called “Ronneby Brunn”.



Gymnasieskolan Knut Hahn

Gymnasieskolan Knut Hahn in Ronneby is an Upper Secondary School for the ages of 16-19. lt has around 800 students and 110 staff (of whom 80 are teachers). The school offers a wide range of programmes, both theoretical and vocational and also adult education.

lt was originally built in the end of the sixties but was rebuilt in 2004 and is now one of the most modern schools in Sweden. lt has many spacious and light areas, with a lot of room for the students to meet and to work between lessons, and all the new technology needed. There is also a big library, a restaurant serving a hot meal for lunch and a cafeteria.

The focus of the school is international activities, cooperation with local enterprises and teaching of entrepreneurship. lt also offers a wide choice of languages and artistic subjects, as well as individual choices of subjects.

The school is situated within walking distance from the city centre and has a sportshall and an indoor swimming pool just beside it. There is a friendly and open atmosphere at the school and both students and staff like to be a part of it.


Map & Directions

Gymnasieskolan Knut Hahn 

Blasius Königsgatan 27

372 35 Ronneby



w: http://www.ronneby.se/knuthahnsskolan

e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

t: +46 (0) 457 618960


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